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👧🏻 About Me

Hi there! I'm Rikki. I'm a product designer based in San Francisco. As a designer, I leverage my background in strategy & analytics, to conduct effective user research and distill complex problems into intuitive information architecture and user flows.

📝 My Background

Throughout my life, my hobbies and work have always involved working with others to solve interesting problems and embarking on creative ventures. In my free time, this takes the form of painting and designing stickers. In college, this led me to be a student consultant for non-profit orgs in LA, which catapulted me into my first job in consulting.

Most recently, it's led me to my job at LinkedIn, where I've been scaling the first commercial partnership between LI and MSFT, and concurrently, working with LinkedIn design mentors to create features for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search experience. I've helped scale the business from $XXM - $XXXM in the past 2 years, by working with sales leaders and x-functional stakeholders to design & drive the GTM motion through pricing / packaging strategy, headcount planning, quota setting, and global operational scale.  

📱 My Design Journey

Most of my work experiences have focused on using numbers and data to drive business decisions and craft narratives for long-term strategy. Having worked on complex business problems and strict time constraints, I am comfortable with creating structure amidst ambiguity and enjoy thinking through the "how" and "why".

However, with experience bringing products to market and scaling businesses globally, what I found myself increasingly interested in (and missing from my day-to-day), was instead, what happens before products go to market. How are digital products built and what was the intention behind it? How can we build the best products for users? My desire to be a part of this creation process and empower users to reach their goals, drove me to pursue a career in UI/UX design. Now, I'm taking what I've learned from building businesses, to building products! 

💭 Last Thoughts

What excites me most about being a designer is having the opportunity to create things that better the world and people in almost any context.

I thrive in an environment that is at the intersection of creative and analytical work. Most often, this involves interpreting data/research insights about users to make informed decisions and craft cohesive user journeys, then translate them into experiences that are simple and intuitive.

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